Stainless Steel Parker Tube Fitting, Bulkhead Union, 12 mm Tube OD | Трубный обжимной фитинг Parker из нерж. стали, муфта с монтажной гайкой, наруж. диам. трубки 12 мм | BCM12-316

316 Stainless Steel 12mm tube O.D. Bulkhead Union Tube Fittings, A-LOK® Series are designed for leak-free connections in process instrumentation and industrial applications.

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ID товара: 42667

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Technical Specifications


Specifications Met: NACE
Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel 316
Brand: A-LOK
Product Type: Tube to Tube Union
Product Style: Bulkhead Union
Shape: Straight
Operating Pressure: 200 to 430 bar
Minimum Operating Temperature: -255 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature: 649 °C
For Fluid Type: Gas, Liquid, Fuel, Oil, Corrosive, Natural Gas (CNG), Hydrogen, Steam, Petroleum Oil
Length: 71.0 mm
Technology: Process Control
Application: Instrumentation, Analytical Installations, CNG / LNG Lines, Hydrogen Service, Offshore Control Panels, Sensing Lines
Industry: Semiconductor, Microelectronics, Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Transportation, Power, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Research Labs
Division: Instrumentation Products Division
Tube O.D.: 12 mm (O.D.)
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