Barrier MTL-4516 MTL MTL4516

Name MTL
Models MTL4516
Number of channels Two
Maximum current consumption 35 mA at 24 V.
Power dissipation inside the device is 0.84 W at 24 V.

Артикул: MTL4516
ID товара: 41072

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Proximity Detector Interface MTL-4516 MTL 2 Channel MTL4516
The MTL4516 enables two safe-area loads to be controlled by a switch or proximity detector located in a hazardous-area. When selected. open or short circuit conditions in the field wiring are detected by the line-fault-detect (LFD) facility and also indicated on the top of the module. Phase reversal for each channel is selected by a switch on the side of the module and output is provided by changeover relay contacts.