Модуль сетевого управления | Network Management Module EM316NM

The Fiber DriverT EM316NM Network Management Module allows for the monitoring and managing of your fiber optic infrastructure. It polls all active Fiber Driver modules and chassis to which it is linked and reports back MAC address, module type, and other system information.

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The Network Management Module enables module loop-back testing, and provides the ability to configure parameters such as system IP address. It monitors system activities like the loss of signal on ports, temperature out of range, power supply status, fan status, and transmit and receive signal detection. It supports an extensive array of traps and can provide automatic notification.

The EM316NM module provides several ways to manage your Fiber Driver chassis, modules, and fiber infrastructure:

1. Out-of-Band management, using a command line interface (CLI), via the RS-232 connector on the EM316NM.

2. In-Band management, using Telnet (the EM316NM has a 10BaseT Ethernet connector).

3. SNMP (In-Band management), via MRV Communications’ MegaVision Web or any standard, SNMP-enabled Network Management System.

By daisy-chaining two 16-slot chassis together, a single EM316NM Network Management Module can manage up to 31 Fiber Driver Modules.