Copperbond Earth Rod | Медный заземляющий стержень | 5/8″ x 1200mm | ERCB1604 Kingsmill

Product Information:

Copper bond Earth Rods, deep driven, usually provide the most cost-effective earth system. They are made from low carbon, high tensile strength (minimum 600n/mm2) steel core with a coating of 99.9% pure electrolytic copper, that has been molecularly bonded to the steel core.

Артикул: ERCB1604
ID товара: 42752

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Material: Pure copper molecularly bonded on to a steel core
Standard: BS:EN 62561-2, BS 7430
Copper Thickness: 254 microns (minimum)

More Information:

Extendable type rods have a rolled thread (UNC2A) at each end. Rolled threads have a higher strength than cut threads. Additionally, they preserve the copper coating over the threaded sections thus improving corrosion resistance.

An Earth Termination Network must:

  • protect life,
  • provide a low resistivity path to earth,
  • allow circuit protection devices to operate correctly,
  • carry high currents repeatedly,
  • have excellent corrosion resistance properties, and
  • be mechanically robust.